Research Access

A cost-effective means to access selected reports from Carraighill, without engaging in premium consultancy services.

Following extensive analysis of our market and customer needs, Carraighill made the decision to release portions of our extensive research product portfolio in the form of the Research Access product. Research Access enables interested parties to access a selection of our research reports, without the need for a full advisory engagement or the cost of consultancy time with our research team.

Our reporting eliminates noise in investment markets and provides actionable insight and advice.

Research Access

Plan Summary

  • New Thematic Reports

    A new thematic report is generated on average every 4 – 6 weeks. This in-depth thematic report typically runs from 50 – 100 pages but is prefaced with a short, easily digestible summary of facts and findings from our investigations.

  • Historical European Reports

    With secure, 27/7 access via the Carraighill reporting portal, Research Access customers have access to a wealth of historical reports.

  • Carraighill Insights

    This monthly report launched in 2019 is typically 20 pages. It offers updates on key current and emerging themes.

  • Carraighill Focus List

    Our high conviction actionable investment ideas are distributed to all clients.

The Research Access product enables read-only access to new and historical reports, including monthly Insights (Core Europe and Emerging Markets) as well as The Long View. Consultancy services are not available within this product. For those interested in a wider range of reporting options, and the ability to engage with our analyst team directly, please review the Research Plus Product.

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