Carraighill Advisory

Carraighill Advisory provides a priority research relationship and full 24/7 advisory service to a select number of high-performance clients. It includes full access to all new and historical reporting, with prioritised support and custom investigative resources.

Carraighill provides a limited number of clients with access to its full advisory service. With round the clock access to the full team, regular on-site meetings, prioritisation of support and first-look access to all European and non-European analysis, the number of advisory clients we support is restricted. Advisory clients benefit from a number of premium reports and will avail of cutting edge data visualisation reports, following extensive investment in our research technology stack at Carraighill.

Our reporting eliminates noise in investment markets and provides actionable insight and advice.

Carraighill Advisory

Plan Summary

  • 24/7 Mobile Access

    Senior advisor access round the clock

  • Personalised research trips

    Bespoke investment consulting/client requests.

  • Thematic Reports

    A new thematic report is generated on average every 4 – 6 weeks. This in-depth thematic report typically runs from 50 – 100 pages but is prefaced with a short, easily digestible summary of facts and findings from our investigations.

  • Carraighill Insights

    This monthly report launched in 2019 is typically 20 pages. It offers updates on key current and emerging themes.

  • The Long View

    Covering 11 European countries with more being added over time, this monthly report looks at the evolution and change in key top-line indicators.

  • Carraighill System Rates & T2 monitor

    Quarterly European report (2020).

  • Carraighill Focus List

    Our high conviction actionable investment ideas are distributed to all clients.

  • Specialist Analysts

    Access to specialist analysts across all areas of expertise.

  • Custom Research

    The ability to commission detailed specialist research on any key thematic area, stock or region.

Logos of Banks included in Carraighill Stock Analysis Logos of Banks included in Carraighill Stock Analysis