Carraighill employs a team of analysts across a range of
knowledge areas including financial, political and economic. We
strive towards the values of clarity, lucidity and insight. If you
feel you have the right mix of skills to join our team, please visit the careers section of our site.

Seamus Murphy


Founder and managing director of Carraighill, with over 20 years experience as a senior top ranked senior investment analyst advisor including roles at Davy Stockbrokers, Merrion Capital and Chief Investment Officer at Focus Investments. The idea of a complete solution to research needs was germinated over many years and this led to the creation of the independent research firm Carraighill in 2013 to provide differentiated financial system analysis to key clients.

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Cathal Carroll


Experienced financial analyst and equity sales professional with over 13 years experience within domestic and international organisations. Having worked in New York since 2010, returned to Dublin in July 2014 to take up a role as co-founder and company director of Carraighill. At Carraighill, Cathal leads and mentors a team of analysts whilst driving the development of an innovative and high-value reporting framework.

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