Carraighill’s unique approach is based on the application of clear analytical principles to complex
financial systems. We distil actionable insight and ideas from this process which allows us to generate
alpha for our clients.

  1. Understand the


  2. Understand the

    Financial System

  3. Understand the


the Country &

The Carraighill Approach: Understanding the Country and Financial System

the Controversy &

The Carraighill Approach: Understanding the Country and System

Benefits of Our Unique Approach

  1. Frames a banking system in the context of its cyclical household government sectors and underlying industrial structure.
  2. Identifies areas of controversy that helps improve systemic risk insight.
  3. Provides you with deep stock analysis and quickly distils the associated opportunity set.
  4. Provides an all encompassing service from one firm, including a deep understanding of sectoral cash flow/balance sheet drivers, domestic politics, regulation, interest rates, banking systems and associated equities.
  5. Eliminates noise and frees up your time, given our exhaustive “5 Whys?” approach to research.
  6. Generates alpha.

The Insight Universe

Carraighill has an historical focus European banks and financial systems. In 2019 our focus expanded to non-European and emerging markets. In 2020, our system expertise and analysis was applied to Asset Managers, Private Equity and European Property. In 2021, we will expand into Payments and Exchanges to increase the breadth and opportunity of our research.

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