Carraighill’s unique approach is based on the application of clear analytical principles to complex
financial systems. We distil actionable insight and ideas from this process which allows us to
generate alpha for our clients.

  • What is the aim of our trial?

    The aim of the trial is to help you understand and experience our unique approach to independent investment research and insight generation. It offers a mix of features, designed to showcase the value of our solution set.
  • Who is eligible for this trial?

    Carraighill offers a limited number of trials at any one time. This may result in a waiting period before your trial can begin.
  • Features and benefits

    Those on our trial will benefit from access to our set of reporting solutions and selected premium services. Users will receive all new European reports generated during the trial period. They will also avail of a monthly insights session, which will include an introduction to our research process and principles, with options to deep dive into new or historical reports of your choice. Trial users will also benefit from email support when required, to get actionable insight from Carraighill.

Trial Process

To undertake a trial of Carraighill, you will need to complete some set up tasks. This will help you to understand the products and services on offer and the expected trial deliverables.

Users with trial access will have all the benefits of Carraighill’s ‘Research Plus’ solution with the opportunity to test some of our premium advisory services.

  1. Users will be given access to a selection of Carraighill most valuable reports.

  2. Users will receive all new reports generated during the trial period.

  3. Monthly insights session – an introduction to our research principles with options to deep dive reports of your choice.

  4. Email support from our specialists when required.

  5. Post–trial evaluation and pricing options.

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Thanks for your interest in applying for a carraighill trial. We will get back to you with your preferred ways of contact within 1–2 business days and discuss the next steps to starting your trial.

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