About Carraighill

We distil complex financial systems into actionable insight.

About Us

Carraighill was founded in 2013 as an independent research firm, as a cutting edge provider of differentiated financial systems analysis for key clients. The team behind Carraighill spent many years developing a unique and proprietary approach to investment insight. The Carraighill approach is based on an exhaustive research process, incorporating a deep understanding of the risks within economic cash flows, integrated banking systems, political, regulatory and social challenges, the output of which is a range of diverse investment opportunities.

Carraighill primarily focuses on international financial systems and select equities, servicing a global client base with its unique, alpha-generating insight. Carraighill has a proven track record with key clients amongst the largest global asset managers and hedge funds.

Carraighill was founded by Seamus Murphy, an award-winning investment analyst and advisor with over 20 years experience including roles at Davy Stockbrokers, Merrion Capital and Chief Investment Officer at Focus Investments. Co-founder Cathal Carroll returned from New York in 2014 to lead and mentor the team of analysts at Carraighill. An experienced financial analyst and equity sales professional with over 13 years of experience within domestic and international organisations, he also drives the development of an innovative and high-value reporting framework.

Together they lead a team of dedicated researchers, analysts and developers, all committed to the development of Carriaghill’s unique, alpha-generating suite of products and services.

Carraighill employs the ‘5 Whys’ technique, an iterative
interrogation used to explore cause and effect relationships.
It is part of the Carraighill DNA.

Carraighill Founders